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Welcome Letter from First Presbyterian Church, Billings  ( includes information on hotel rooms, RSVP for meals)


Minutes of Previous Presbytery Meeting

Preparing for the Presbytery Meeting with Prayer- by George Goodrich

     Dwellng in the Word - posted 2010.02.22


Committee Reports:


       Budget & Finance:

           Balance Sheet 2009-12-31

           Treasurer's Report Administration 2009-12-31

           Treasurer's Report Program 2009-12-31

           2010 Administrative Budget for Presbytery

           2010 Program Budget for Presbytery           

           Treasurer's Report Narrative

      Camping & Youth


      Higher Education

      Ministry - posted 2.25.10 presented at Presbytery meeting



               Ballot - posted 2.18.2010

      Personnel - posted revised 2.20.2010

      Presbyterian Women


      St. Timothy's Chapel



Co-General Presbyters Report

Vision Reports:

Living Vision (Andness: Contancy and Artistry)

Stirrings of the Spirit

Bow Tie version 6

Optional Vision Team Resources

New Draft Structure for Yellowstone Presbytery -   posted 2010.02.22

Council Minutes