Presbytery Meeting

November 7, 2014 at FPC Bozeman

Packet all inclusive of items listed below posted 8 days prior to meeting (October 31st end of business)

Presbytery Packet                                                     Late Reports not in packet


Welcome Letter

Registration Form



Revised DOCKET posted 2014.11.04


Draft Minutes of the Previous Presbytery Meeting

State Clerk Report

Co-General Presbyters Report

Leadership Cabinet Reports:

       LC Report to Presbytery

             Leadership Cabinet Draft 2014.10.14 Minutes

             Leadership Cabinet Draft 2014.10.22 Minutes

       Budget & Finance Reports prepared by Dan Holland:

             September Balance Sheet

             September Administrative Finances

             September Program Finances

             2014 Budget Narrative

             Proposed 2015 Administrative Budget

             Proposed 2015 Program Budget

       Personnel prepared by Susan Thomas

Team Reports:

       Camping & Youth Team

       Pastoral Ministry Team

       Representation/Nominating Team DRAFT Ballot

Ministries of the Presbytery Reports:

       Presbyterian Women

       St. Timothy's Memorial Chapel

       St. Timothy's Management Team Long Range Plan

Other Handouts:

       CRE Handbook update October 2014 *Please note that this is so lengthy, that we did not include it on the one-click packet so that you can download and print at will.