March 6-7 2015 Presbytery Meeting at St. Andrew, Billings

Entire Packet click here  posted 2015.02.25

Welcome Letter


Mission Flyer




Minutes of Previous Presbytery Meeting

Leadership Cabinet Report

Leadership Cabinet Draft Minutes 2015.02.10

Stated Clerk Report

Proposed Amendments to the Book of Order

Sample Ballot on Proposed Amendments

Reports from Teams:

Camping and Youth



Other Reports:

Budget and Finance Reports:


   2014 Year End Balance Sheet

   2014 Year End Administrative P&L

   2014 Year End Program P&L

   2015 January Balance Sheet

   2015 January Administrative P&L

   2015 January Program P&L

Co-General Presbyters: Intro and Report

St. Timothy's Chapel

Stated Clerk Search Committee Report

Proposed Amendments to the Constitution document

Other items posted after 2015.02.25 packet was created:

Stated Clerk Terms of Call as proposed by Search Committee posted 2015.03.03

Elder Commissioner Report Form

Roy Church Closing Motion

Presbyterian Women