Annual Reports Online due from all churches - Deadlines:

2020 Letter to Session Clerks about Annual Reports due in 2021    AND  2021 Timeline Checklist for Annual Reports

Annual Session Statistical Reports there is no workbook; everything will be done online at and is a copy of what you must report ONLINE by linking to and entering at the following website: then using your User name and Password as supplied by our Stated Clerk in mailed letter or kept by you. Our recommendation, as always is to do this early to avoid delays getting into the OGA system DUE 02.18.2021 online

The site is AVAILABLE as of 12/6/2020!

NEW 2021 Annual Presbytery Record Review form DUE to Stated Clerk prior to the first Presbytery Meeting of the Year  for 2021 March 5-6, 2021

Necrology Report Form (PDF document that can be downloaded, filled out, saved and emailed back or printed to send in via USPS ) *Date Due in the Presbytery office 01.29.2021

Basic Mission Giving PLEDGE Form   (PDF document that can be filled out then printed to send in to Presbytery) *DUE in the Presbytery office by 01.31.2021

Per Capita Apportionment Letter from Stated Clerk 2020 for 2021 *Note in December each church will receive from the Stated Clerk their own individualized letter with apportionment due *DUE in the Presbytery office by 01.31.2021

2021 Annual Minister's Report - Part 2   You do not need to file IF there is no pastor in the pulpit, just write "VACANT" and send that along, please

**(aka Terms of Call) (PDF document that can be filled out once downloaded, then printed, signed appropriately, and sent in via a scan email, fax or mail) *DUE in the Presbytery office by 02.12.2021

**We strongly suggest you call the Board of Pensions directly. See link on homepage or phone in planning calendar. Note: this Form is a Presbytery form and does NOT replace the Change of Salary Form that Board of Pensions requires be filed with them. Contact Board of Pensions with questions.

Directory Update Form (PDF document that can be filled out then printed to send in)*DUE in the Presbytery office by Mar. 31 or whenever you change session clerks, treasurers, or have a new minister   use this form to guide you on what we need and whenever you need to update your church information OR just email the office with the changes; no need to fill out what has not changed, just changes!