June 10-11, 2016 Presbytery Meeting at Miles City

Entire Packet to be posted 7 days ahead of meeting

Welcome Letter  information on day care, meals, lodging and directions *there is no bus going to the meeting; all people must arrange their own carpools, transportation, etc.



Elder Commissioner Report Form


Minutes of Previous Presbytery Meeting

Leadership Cabinet Report

Stated Clerk Report

Co-General Presbyters Report

Team Reports:

Camping and Youth



Other Reports:

Budget and Finance Reports

St. Timothy's Chapel

Synod Commissioner Report


Camp Flier insert

Mind and Heart flier

Other items posted after the packet was created:

MAC posted 2016.06.06

Engage Gospel Readings posted 2016.06.08

Other items presented at the meeting and posted after the meeting:

Sharing Our God Stories outline posted 2016.06.14