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On Sunday, September 3, 2017 Presbyterian women of Madison Valley Presbyterian Church reported on the USA Mission Experience to San Francisco. Please see attached. Merry Lee Hooks, Lucy Ennis, Kathy Humphrey, Martha Klaumann and Judy Geiger. Merry Lee Hooks writes: click here


Suzanne and Merry Lee Hooks with PDA Presbyterian disaster assistance stoles after training 2017. (3 and 4 from left on back row)

2017 Spring Yellowstone Presbytery PW Gathering- Theme: Out of the Darkness....into the Light   flyer/registration/newsletter here

2016.09.28 We are One Another's First Responders

2016 Spring Yellowstone Presbytery PW Gathering- Theme:To Be Of Use

April 2, 2016  PW report here

2016 June 9-12 Presbyterian Women in Rocky Mountains Triennial Gathering in Cheyenne, Wyoming

June 10, 2016 PW report here

2016.03 PW Newsletter

2015 PW Report on Gathering

     2015.09.03 Report PW

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2014.04 Recap of Spring West Cluster Gathering submitted by Merry Lee Hooks


     Quilts done by women around the world with postage stamp size squares. This project was the subject of the East Cluster Spring Gathering on April 10, 2014. This project was done by Rev. Susan Barnes, pastor at St. Andrews.The East Cluster Moderator is Hazel Walter. Vice-moderator of PW is Suzanne Bratsky.  submitted by MerryLee Hooks