*Presbytery of Yellowstone Meeting Nov. 5-6, 2010 will be held separately at the Helena Joint Glacier-Yellowstone Presbytery Meeting

Note that below you will find only Presbytery of Yellowstone meeting materials for our own business meeting.  If you want to view the materials, including the docket, of the Joint Glacier-Yellowstone Presbytery meeting, return to our Home Page and click on that information in the center of the News & Highlights section.

Joint Glacier-Yellowstone Meeting Docket - also provided at Glacier's website packet


Presbytery of Yellowstone Packet#1 click here for the entire packet of materials below - prepared 2010.11.01

Welcome Letter          p. 1

Poster/Bulletin             p. 2

Linda Valentine Biography          p. 3

Docket                       p. 4

Budget & Finance       p. 5-12

Higher Education        p.13-14

Ministry                      p. 15-16

Representation            p. 17-18

Vision                         p. 19-28

Other Documents:

Administrative Commission for Springhill Church     p. 29

Church Development Letter    p. 30-33

Expense Voucher     p.34-35

Letter to the Congregations of Presbytery of Yellowstone     p. 36

Montana Association of Churches (MAC) Report     p.37

Presbytery of Yellowstone Discernment Policy     p. 38-44

Registration Form   p. 45


The following reports are not included in Packet #1 above due to unavailability at the time. Please print as needed.

Ballot     posted 2010.11.04

Camping & Youth     posted 2010.11.02

Co-General Presbyters Report    posted 2010.11.04

Dwelling in the Word   posted 2010.11.05

Vision Response Form   posted 2010.11.05


Ministry Appendaged Report posted 2010.11.23




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